1. News Rap

From the recording News Rap

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This is a LIVE audio recording from "Soundscape" NYC of Daina and the Tribe featuring Jeremy Steig-flute with Bill Washer-guitar, Jerome Harris-bass, Kamal Zabir-drums and Daina Shukis-vocals


Watch it on the news showeverything you want to knowfire fighting in the streetwatch it on TVWeapons aimed from outer spaceto destroy the human race,earth quake flood, unemplymentsickness war, nuclear accident

listen to Gromiko tell the US where to gowatch the correspondenthe's supposed to make sensetalk about a recallall the pills and all the carsrunning to the rescuedoin all that we can dobut there's contamination,it's a sad situationwe face annililationdon't stop the demonstration

(rap) At the chemical plantdon't take a chancetake the free waysave some time todaya popular opinion pollon drugs sex and rock and rolldirty tricks, fixed fights,solviets and union strikes

watch it on the news showeverything you want to knowgamble on the updatetry to pick a candidateeveryone participatecompetition breeding hate

(rap) Satelite has got it allLive volcanos, basket ball,winners salarys and losers miseriestrial by the juryverdict guiltyIn the prison of the mindWe're locked in time,doomed to isolationthere's no communicationcaught inside a liedivided we could die.....


watch it on the news showevery thing you want to know.