1. Love Light

From the recording Love Light

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LIVE audio recording from the Lismar Lounge and vocal track from CBGB's, Leni Stern, John Saegert-guitar, Joe Chambers-drums, Gene Perla-bass, at CBGB's, Marvin Horne-guitar and vocal back-up, Paul Ramsey-bass, Fred Alias-drums, Daina Shukis-vocals and finger cymbals


Full speed a head, coma,coma,coma ah huh
don't stop on red, coma, coma,coma, ah nah
Please don't go before, shake,shake,shake - shake,shake
I've loved you more, shake,shake,shake - shake, shake 
Let me, close the door...

give it to me now sweet daddy....yeh 4x

Love me tonight, coma, coma, coma, ah huh,
make me feel right,coma, coma, coma, ah huh
Kiss me hold me tight, shake,shake,shake - shake, shake
Your out of sight, shake, shake, shake - shake, shake 
Turn on... my Love Light,
my Love Light, my Love Light, my Love Light