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Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Vocalist Daina Shukis Promotes Her Vintage Musical Catalogue With Collaborations From An Array Of Jazz Masters New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Jazz Network Worldwide) Daina Shukis is an international entertainment veteran whose relationships with musical masterminds throughout her career has resulted in some classic live recordings from some of the most noted venues in New York City ie. the Bottom Line and CBGB's. The trilogy of music being shared are Daina and the Tribe LIVE at "Soundscape with Jeremy Steig and CBGB's power trio, Daina and the Tribe "On a Jungle Boat Ride" and "Mystic Rendezvous" instrumental." Clear vocal tones over textures of complex rhythms, finger cymbals add an ancient world ethnic flavor to some songs. Dania is known for composing her own musical and vocal accompaniment for her choreography and since dancing was an integral part of her shows, space to develop improvisational climax was part of the musical structure.Daina's career has spanned the gamet from singing to dancing and acting, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance/Drama from New York University. Her songs range from a sensuous jazz/pop style to blues and rock. Her brilliant originals had the stellar accompaniment of Jeremy Steig-flute, Leni Stern-guitar, Dan Wall and Tom Coppolla-keyboards, Marvin Horne-guitar, Jerome Harris-bass, Akira Tana-drums, Fernando Saunders-bass, Jimmy Madison-drums, Ray Mantilla and Don Alias percussion, Joe Chambers and Fred Alias-drums, Paul Ramsey-bass, Lee Finklestien, Butch Cambell, Aubrey Dale, Sam Brown and John Saegert-guitar, Gene Perla-bass, Greg Carter-back up vocals and drums. "Cruise Control", "Cocoon", "Cruel World" and "Voodoo Queen" are co-authored with Jeremy Steig. These friendships lasted many years and their support of her music and dancing career resulted in the albums and videos she extracted from her vault of memorable performances."I am so excited to bring these vintage audio recordings of my band"Daina and the Tribe" to the world community via the Jazz Network Worldwide and this new press release of my latest three albums. Living on the lower east side of Manhattan at the birth of the new wave pop art culture I experienced the creative force of this time period. A blast from the past into the future," says Daina."Here is a cool song with a soul, it makes me feel like I am listening to a Indian mix with a touch of African, very mysterious beats and the amazing touches of bells and drums. This is a very special song, that you want to listen when you are trying to get some creativity or inspiration to make something. The theatrical voice of the singer is very special and mystical, she is passionate and have very good vibrations and tones that make you vibrate and relax. It sounds like a religious song that will bless you and inspire you to rebirth and travel into heaven." (Review from Reverbnation)"I remember these famous venues in New York in the 70's where Daina's music was performed. I can almost picture the audience in my mind closing their eyes and letting Daina and the Tribe take them on a inspirational journey," says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.Daina is currently in the studio working on some new material and plans on releasing a new project by the fall of 2014. Be sure to come by The Jazz Network Worldwide to catch Daina's feature at . To learn more and to purchase, go to Daina's official website at .   ” - Jaijai Jackson at The Jazz Network Worldwide

Link for lastest EP Romance of the Muse press Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Vocalist, Daina Shukis EP ‘Romance of the Muse’ Plays Impressionist Pieces On Piano Share Article The Jazz Network Worldwide presents Daina Shukis’s ‘Romance of the Muse’ (feat. Jeremy Steig), a classic blend of genres with an impressionist-avant garde progressive feel conducive to spiritual and emotional healing using ones imagination creating a peaceful place to relax and contemplate.” - JaiJai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide

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An interesting departure from the standard presentation of serious music in club settings was the surprise entrance of dancer Daina Shukis toward the end of the set. Exuding sensuality, the dynamic Ms. Shukis, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation. My initial reaction... was soon reversed by the talent and sincerity of Ms. Shukys and the musicians. Again, Steig has dared to be different, to explore, to probe. Chuck Berg- Downbeat Magazine” - Chuck Berg

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Marvin Horne played with (drummer) Elvin Jones and Defunkt. He's the best jazz guitarist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He can play a steady stream of the most beautiful, melodic eighth-notes you'll ever hear, and never play the same thing twice. He's from St. Louis and he's still playing.Vernon Reid - Guitar Player Magazine ” - Vernon Reid

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Dear Jeremy Steig, On behalf of JAZZ FORUM, the magazine of the International Jazz Federation, I would like to congradulate you on being voted the world's top flutist in our 16th annual international 1982 JF Top People Poll.... Keep swinging, ~Pawel Brodowski, Editor-in-Chief” - Pawel Brodowski (Editor-in-Chief)

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Review: Great Double Bill at La Mama gogo dancers Daina Shukis...really represent sleaze in all its American glory... lovingly created, worshipped. ~ John S. Patterson, The Villager newspaper Pet for Company" by Alexander Swanbeck Adapted by Cecile Guidote Alvarez Baby Doll-Daina Shukis, music/choreography (Cabaret Act)- Daina Shukis” - Jphn S. Patterson

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I can really catch the beat on this song! I love the introduction. The artist is incredible and her tone is just amazing. The song is not coarse or dull. Its very catchy. It makes me want to dance. The tone is very mellow and warm. The structure of the song is also very well balanced. The dynamics of the song is the perfect balance of powerful. Its not too strong, it's just perfect! (review of Sex Goddess)” - crowd review


The beat of this song is very strong. It has a great tempo. I love the combination of different instruments. The singer has a very original voice and the vocals are stimulating. It's kind of hard to understand the lyrics but I feel like the combination of the rhythmic beat and the artists voice make up for it. I don't really even think about it. The song has a lot of strong qualities. (review of Sex Goddess)” - crowd review


It sounds wonderfully great. It has an acoustic melody technique and the accent was detailed; I appreciate how the rhythm and tempo bounce. It expands freely. It was delicious and thick with a wondrously stellar structure. The exceptionally raucous undercurrent design used by this song was creative and the beat sounds well flavored.  (review of Love Potion, Wild Herb and Perfumed Smoke)” - crowd review


This sounds like a song back in the 90s this is a great sound makes you wanna stomp in your boots. i find this song taking you back when music was good. i find this artist is strong and monstrous when it comes from this fantastic vocal skills she has. she hits out standing pitches with no problems. now this is real music. i feel she is the next shelia E. the music that is behind this artist is just great i love the solo of the guitar it is the right fit to this great hit. i find that this song has to bring new funk and style to a forgotten music timeline. i find that this artist really has taken time to design and profoundly improve music itself. this is a great great song and it should be acknowledged immediately. ( review of "Cruise Control") ” - crowd review