Radio Interview 

Daina Shukis of Daina and the Tribe will be interviewed on March 26th, thursday at 5:00 PM on POWER 98.5fm come on out DainaShukis-DanceoftheSpirits-04-DejaVufeatLeni.mp3 


this sounds like a song back in the 90s this is a great sound makes you wanna stomp in your boots. i find this song taking you back when music was good. i find this artist is strong and monstrous when it comes from this fantastic vocal skills she has. she hits out standing pitches with no problems. now this is real music. i feel she

Dedication to Daina and the Tribe on West Coast Radio 

Last night on the DJ Reverend Saint John of West Coast Radio played Daina and the Tribe mentioning Daina Shukis as a pretty, sultry singer from the East Coast several times with a voice drop of her introducing the band. He was hilarious interjecting his own comments at the end of seductive song Cruise Control. He played Sex Goddess prior to his show, then The First Time I Saw You, Baby (a cover of Adrian Guillery's song previous guitarist and singer in Jeremy and the Satyrs) as…

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Playlist with bands I admire Daina and the Tribe "Rising Star" in Spotify 

My favorite song Memphis Minnie sang is "Frankie" depicting her riding a hog (I don"t mean Harley) coming home from the field. Growing up in the Adirondacks I once rode a hog also, in a pen. I have been told there is a picture of Memphis Minnies father with his leg in bandages an an inscription "Never ride no hog in a pen!!" I agree. This song always makes me laugh. Daina

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