Romance of the Muse (feat. Jeremy Steig)

Daina Shukis

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Flute, bass and percussion introductions lead into excerpts of piano pieces from the impressionist and romantic era played on synthesizer with flute overlay. This creates a delightful collage inspiring a woodland walk, steep mountain trail or antique muse

As a dance accompanist at Skidmore College, Daina Shukis choreographed and wrote music for their dance group, as well as studied piano with impressionist specialist Professor Housman and later with Julia Ryauskas in New Jersey. This ep shows her love of impressionism and the romantic era as she plays arrangements of these pieces on synthesizer. Crystalline Lightwaves/ The Girl with the Flaxen Hair feat. Jeremy Steig and Ray Mantilla Horicon Hill / En Diligence feat. Jeremy Steig Mirage of the Mirrors / Mouvements Perpetuels 1 feat. Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gomez Seventh Street Boudoir / Mazurka Opus 30, no. 2 feat. Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gomez Trail to the Lake / A Walk on Foot feat. Jeremy Steig and Ray Mantilla

She brought the Skidmore dance group to her Alma Mater Emma Willard School. She directed the production of the William Butler Yeats play "Only Jealousy of Emer " at Skidmore, where she met Don Alias, Gene Perla and Jeremy Steig when they performed with Elvin Jones at a concert. These friendships lasted many years and their support of her music and dancing career influenced the albums.She brings a fervor of heart to her upcoming performance schedule and offering musical memories that only she can tell. This choice of performance once again allows for the new audience to find themselves in her music and to walk away with an impression that will be a memory etched by musical history. Looking to bring her musical story-telling to worldwide stages, big and small, from intimate to large venues with her musical potpourri will be sure to please the most eclectic of musical tastes. Have a visit to Daina's website

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