Voodoo Queen

Daina Shukis
Daina Shukis/Jeremy Steig


The original track was a LIVE audio recording from CBGB's with Marvin Horne-guitar, Paul Ramsey- bass, Greg Carter-drums and back-up vocals, Tom Coppolla-

keyboard over dub at Chung King studios, Daina Shukis- vocals and finger cymbals.


Dambala dit moi 3x

The Voodoo Queen will put a spell on you,

to make you mine, she knows what to do.

Kisses sweet Cocanut to eat,

Deep dreams in a dark sleep.

The Voodoo Queen chants all through the night,

Till the morning stars a disappearing light

the Voodoo Queen will put a spell on you,

to make you mine, she knows what to do.

Dambala dit moi 3x   oo oo oo in the background

The Voodoo Queen looks into your eyes, she knows how to hypnotise

When she speaks you understand, her every word is your command.

See this candle burning bright, you will be all mine tonight.

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Now our love can't be undone.

Dambala dit moi 3x  oo oo oo back ground 


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