Rain On a Cruel World (feat. Jeremy Steig)

Daina Shukis
daina shukis/jeremy steig


The intro "Rain" is a studio recording with Daina Shukis-vocals, Jeremy Steig-flute, Dan Wall-keyboards, Ray Mantilla-percussion. The second song is "Cruel World" LIVE at the Bottom Line NYC with Tom Coppolla-keyboards, Marvin Horne-guitar, Fernando Saunders-bass, Jeremy Steig-flute, Daina Shukis-vocals and bells, Akira tana-drums.


Rain comes the moon is full,

Painful tears make bitter pools...

Rain comes its hard to see...

Pain is deep and lonely,

Kill what I feel for you...

Hey little girl, out there in a cruel world 2x

Money's number one, everybody wants some fun,

Some people having a real good time

but the streets are full of people dyin....


Hey little girl, out there in a cruel world 2x

Wide spread atomis plague, pushing you to your grave

Every body's pointing his finger, who isn't afraid

Hey little girl, out there in a cruel world 2x

Take your medicine, justice she will be your friend,

But if you just can't be good, she wears a long black hood...

musical interlude

Hey little girl out there in a cruel world 3x


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