Just Like Old times

Daina Shukis
Daina Shukis, sole author


This is a LIVE audio recording of Daina and the Tribe featuring Jeremy Steig from "Soundscape" NYC with Daina Shukis-vocals, Jeremy Steig-flute, Bill Washer-guitar, Jerome Harris-bass, Kamal Zabir


You walk so sexy baby

don't talk the way you do...

Your gonna drive me crazy

making me feel so good

You really scare me honey

coming up to me again

I could be free of you

But must not be the end...

But its all right, just like old times

Shakin all night, makin me feel fine.

You kiss so soft and tender

I stayed away too long

As sweet as I remember

Just don't do me wrong

If you can"t be true lovin

Oh honey please don 't start

You know I'd miss your huggin,

But it'd only break my heart

But its all right, just like old times

shakin all night, makin me feel fine...

(instrumental solo)

I know you see right through me

take one good look inside,

This feeling when you hold me,

Is nothing I can hide

When you say you love me

It makes me want to cry,

You know you really got me,

You got me flying high

But its all right, just like old times 

Shakin all night, making me feel fine...

Yeh its all right 

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